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Here at we understand that there is a risk in hiring and not knowing what to expect. For that reason we offer to design the first page concept before any agreement.


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We are a new design studio based in Mckinney. We have over 35 years of combined experience, and know a thing or two about designing things right! We will far exceed your expectation and are here to make your design dream come true.

We Offer

Brand Build with Marketing Strategy

Got a new company with a great business model and now you need to get your marketing strategy and goals plan out.

  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Sales


E-commerce Store with Mobile App

Grow your online business with E-commerce store and Mobile App. DesignNearMe will make sure your sales

  • E-commerce Store
  • Mobile App
  • Sales


Our Portfolio

In the world of luxury high-end forged wheels, Corleone Forged is transcending from one level to the next

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Vertex is an international brand of school & office supplies which is based in Algeria, Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq, UAE, China & looking forward to more

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RPA Plastics specialize in industrial manufacturing services including blow molding and filling

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EvolynePro are proud to provide customers with lubricants that compete with the highest quality brands on the market

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Restyling Ideas supplies with a huge variety and most updated automobile products along with an outstanding level of services

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I Am Audio is an online audio superstore providing audio products and accessories

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Quad State Distribution is a distributor located in Dallas, provides audio stereo & equipments

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Online fashion clothing store making amazing fashion style for Men, Women and Kids

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Our Services

Website Design & Development

We specialize in designing or updating the website to create brand & provides business-oriented solution that drive results

Mobile Apps Development

We are unique mobile app development company in McKinney, Texas and we will help you to compete in todays world


We provide effective digital marketing services to maximize results for business owners and individuals

Video Work

We made this video for Slim+ which is a delicious formula designed to help you manage weight, control your hunger and curb.

Awesome video we designed for Corleone Forged SEMA - 2019

RPA Plastics commercial video made for hiring employees to their company

One of our best video designed for ID Life Kids probiotic that hepls to maintain a healthy digestive balance for kids

Commercial video designed for to showcasing their dignostic and repair services for mobile & tablets

Lovely 3D motion video for ID life Slim+ product. Enjoy the video with a cup of coffee

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Who doesn't like donuts? Well I can tell you that here if you don't like donuts most team members will be your best friend.

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16+ Expert Team Members

1248 Coffee Cups Drinked

2332 Donuts Eaten


Don't hire any designer or agency that may put you on risk to losing your deposit and valuable time.

Waiting to see the design you expect only to see something far from what you had in mind. Is a terrible feeling that no business should have to go through.

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